Commission Me

If you want to work with me whether personally or commercially, here's how!

Sketch     Lineart      Paint Sketch       Black&White      Color


Half Body

Full Body

Each additional character
    White/Solid Color/ Simple Abstract/Transparent
    Simple Detail
    Major Detail

9              18                    36                       72                   90

18            36                    50                       90                  126

27            45                    68                      113                 158

                                                            3/4 base price (above)
                                                                          1/2 base price
                                                                          1 base price

Personal Commissions

If the artwork you want is for personal use and enjoyment, then this is for you! This is a rough estimate as to how I charge, but details you provide will factor in heavily.

Take a look at my gallery for the types of artwork I do.

(only viewable on desktop site)


Commercial Commissions

If the artwork you want will be profited off in any way, then this is for you. We can have a contractual agreement for producing the work you want in a timely fashion.

I do children's books and character designs. But I am open to whatever you may have in store for my art. Just drop me a line on the About Me page if you have any questions.

Children's cartoon books  -> Reduced price for a limited time!
   $250 starter fee
   $50 - $100 per illustration (depending on detail)
   (optional) $100 book formatting service

Book Cover
    $150 - $250, front and back cover illustration

Character Design
   $50-$100 per character (depending on detail), no background, cartoon style